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Welcome to All About Painkiller website. Here you will find some basic information on Painkiller games, useful guides and fun videos to watch. I hope that this website gives answers to the most frequently asked questions about Painkiller

Some of you might remember the old AAPK website with its dead links and I'm happy to say that the old site is now dead and buried and you can find most of the stuff that was supposed to be there here. The files section has been removed completely as are the shortcut and secret videos sections, but those items can be found at Painkiller: Revealed. Link Provided below

Since DreamCatcher forums have been toasted without a warning, Painkiller doesn't have an official forum anymore. Shaddy, author of Painkiller: Revealed didn't like this and launched his own forum for PK called Purgatory. So get your ass over there and start posting some threads! Link provided below.

- Sincerely RJ
Painkiller: Revealed
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